About ABC IB Biology

For reasons not of my making, I had to ‘re-invent’ my teaching and learning Blogs in 2015. Perhaps this was fortuitous because by coincidence big changes were made at that time to the IB biology syllabus. This new ABC Biology Blog provides my ABC students in Quito, Ecuador, and now others around the world, with access to teaching and learning resources for Biology, primarily the IB Diploma. ABC students? They know who they are! But anyone is welcome to share the Blog. Regular posts (on the opening Page) contain planning and detailed current assignments, aimed at specific students (not named!). Pages are used to split the syllabus into its TOPICS, much as you find chapters in a textbook. There are also general information Pages and a media Page with an ever-growing number of articles. Sub-pages (or Level 2 pages) break down Topics into their themes. The side-bar serves as an index and also carries RSS feeds and useful learning links and resources.

This Blog (ABC IB Biology), which is content-focused (in IB ‘speak’, Understandings), works as a companion to another Blog (abcbiology), which focuses upon those aspects of the new IB syllabus which are not so obviously content-focused, such as:  Essential Ideas; Applications; Utilization; The Nature of Science (NoS); International Mindedness (IM); and Theory of Knowledge. Many links exist between the two Blogs. To reach the abcbiology Blog: https://abcbiology.wordpress.com/

The Blog is definitely a work in progress. Pages will be created and updated as each Topic is taught. The Blog will never be a definitively complete resource and there will be errors or inconsistencies, so ….. feedback and suggestions, by way of comments in the box below this or any other posts, are very welcome.It would also be a lot of fun to have other contributors in the future – this would give the Blog a great deal more authenticity.

If you wish to become a Follower of the Blog and receive e-mail updates, then complete the link at the bottom of the side-bar.

I hope the Blog is both useful and enjoyable to anyone who cares to use it.

John Osborne

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