1 Cell Biology – syllabus

Here are each of the Units for Topic 1 of the new syllabus.

Use this first Topic to understand now how the new syllabus is organised:

  • It starts of with an ESSENTIAL IDEA for the Topic.
  • Each Unit follows, numbered obviously as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.
  • A unit is introduced with a reference to some concept in science, called NATURE OF SCIENCE (NoS).
  • The learning content is grouped under UNDERSTANDINGS.
  • The understandings are given context and applications through APPLICATIONS AND SKILLS – these also are essentially learning content.
  • The wider and perhaps global relevance of the Unit is placed in INTERNATIONAL-MINDEDNESS.
  • THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE links are suggested.
  • UTILIZATION highlights how aspects of the Unit are scientifically important and are put into practice.
  • The overall syllabus is grouped in a series of AIMS and some of these are linked specifically to each Unit.
  • Finally there is GUIDANCE to the teaching of the Unit, which helps define what should and should not be taught and learnt.

This all makes the new syllabus look heavy and actually makes it quite difficult to know precisely what is and is not worth spending time on. We are accustomed to precisely defined content (which makes life easy for teachers and students!); the IB has moved away from that type of syllabus and it will take us all some time to get accustomed to the new demands.

topic 1.1 Introdution to cells a.JPGtopic-1-1-introduction-to-cells-btopic-1-2-ultrastructure-of-cellstopic 1.3 Membrane structure.JPGtopic-1-4-membrane-transporttopic-1-5-the-origin-of-cellstopic-1-6-cell-division

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