EVOLUTION & BIODIVERSITY (& Classification) Topic 5


The new IB syllabus has given this topic a boost! There is some good biology here now, as well as a twist in the end for HL, about speciation.

TOPIC 5 EVOLUTION AND BIODIVERSITY (and classification). The syllabuses:

5.1 EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION5.1 evidence for evolution

5.2 NATURAL SELECTION5.2 natural selection

5.3 CLASSIFICATION AND BIODIVERSITY5.3 classification and biodiversity a5.3 classification and biodiversity b

5.4 CLADISTICS5.4 cladistics


10.3 HL gene pools and speciation


The SAT syllabus is a tough call! Maybe 15% of the biology exam covers this topic: EVOLUTION AND DIVERSITY. There is a huge amount to remember! Learning and remembering the major groups of animals and plants, and their identifying features is quite some task. Here are SparkNotes:  


(Evolution and the formation of new species): species, speciation, evolution

Some IB questions – mostly data analysis:

Eyyy! left to right


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