The Blood System (6.2) & The Heart (Option D.4)

blood image

With this topic, it is difficult to know where to stop. There is so much, yet the syllabus does not refer to everything which might be studied. The resources below are quite complete but there could still be a whole lot more.

Here is the IB syllabus content for 6.2:blood system 6.3 a blood system 6.3 b

Here is the syllabus content for D.4


Here is the probable SAT content: 

Reading (as always, from Biology in Context for Cambridge International A Level, by Glenn and Susan Toole)

First: The need for transport systems in animals and plants:

p94 need for transport systems p95 need for transport systems

Second: Arteries, veins and capillariesp114 arteries veins capillaries p115 arteries veins capillaries

Third: Structure and functions of bloodp116 structure functions blood p117 structure functions blood

Fourth: Tissue fluid and lymphp118 tissue fluid lymph p119 tissue fluid lymph

Fifth: Structure of the heartp126 structure heart p127 structure heart

Sixth: The cardiac cyclep128 cardiac cycle p129 cardiac cycle

Seventh: Control of cardiac cycle p130 control cardiac cycle p131 control cardiac cycle

and Eighth: Blood pressure and pulsep132 blood pressure pulse p133 blood pressure pulse

The human circulation (simple!): simple circulation

Blood vessels: Arteries, veins and capillaries

A useful powerpoint: Arteries, Arterioles, Veins, Venules, Capillaries

Summary diagram:arteries veins capillaries

The HEART (and much more!): HEART and much more PPT

Diagrams of the heart and its valves: heart

heart valves

The electrical heart!

ecg electrical heart heartecg


A useful powerpoint: BLOOD PPT (2)

Diagrams:bloodcontents of blood imagewhat is in blood image

Altitude and blood – a questionaltitude blood

IB Past Paper questions – a sample: 

Eyyy! left to right


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