Nature of Science (NoS)

what-is-scienceNATURE OF SCIENCE (NoS) is an entirely new focus in the IB syllabuses in the science subjects and provides valuable insights into science as a discipline.  The five Nature of Science topics are:

  1. What is Science?
  2. The Understanding of Science
  3. The Objectivity of Science
  4. The Human Face of Science
  5. Scientific Literacy.

Each Topic in the syllabus has embedded in it some reference(s) to NoS and these can form components of the structured questions in Paper II of the written exam, in the same way that the obligatory practicals may be tested.

Here are all the NoS references in the new syllabus of Biology, collected together: 

I cannot begin to offer more than Simon Underhill’s Blog which is dedicated to the Nature of Science:

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